Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick is planning a visit to Taiwan in support of the country’s independence from China. It comes after a trip to Ukraine earlier this month.

“Ukraine is an incredibly important ally to the United States and we have to defend them because once one domino falls over there they all fall,” said Fitzpatrick (PA-01). “And the same with Taiwan. If Taiwan goes, Singapore would be next. We have to keep these communist dictatorships in check.”

Congressman Fitzpatrick joins Pat Wandling on Speak Your Piece in 2018. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The Republican from Bucks County discussed the upcoming trip during an appearance on Speak Your Piece with Pat Wandling late last week. Fitzpatrick is on the Congressional Taiwan Caucus and serves as Co-Chair of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus.

“Vladimir Putin wants to restore, in his view, his glory days of the USSR. He wants to reconstitute that,” said Fitzpatrick on WBCB. “He looks back at what happened in the 80s and early 90s as the biggest catastrophe in Russian history.”

Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent who served in Ukraine, explained the country has “Russia knocking on their doorstep.”

He said their major concerns were Russian proxies and allies placing troops near Ukraine’s borders, the Biden Administration allowing a pipeline from Russia to Germany, and the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“They are feeling very threatened,” said Fitzpatrick. “They are now questioning if America is going to have their backs if this aggression continues.”

Fitzpatrick returned from his trip to Ukraine just two days before attending a House Foreign Affairs Committee last Monday. The hearing involved representatives questioning Secretary of State Antony Blinken with a specific focus on the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

He called on Blinken to reaffirm the US would stand by Ukraine and Taiwan in the event of Russian or Chinese aggression.

“Sir, these people are scared to death. They’re scared to death,” Fitzpatrick told Blinken. “Can we get you on the record here today, sir, to tell this committee, this Congress, and our nation that we will unequivocally and unapologetically do whatever it takes to have the backs of our friends in Ukraine and our friends in Taiwan.”

“Absolutely,” Blinken responded. “We stand by our commitment to both countries.”

An exact date for Fitzpatrick’s trip to Taiwan is not yet set. The Congressman said he will be visiting with a Democrat from the House.