Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick paid a visit to his home town of Levittown this week.

While in Washington D.C., the Trump Administration made several changes to the White House staff, one of which hit close to the Republican Congressman. John Kelly, Chief of Staff, is someone Fitzpatrick has worked closely with on the Homeland Security Committee.

Around the world, Venezuela became a place of concern. While that situation has become a risk, the Congressman has other points of interest that he deals with, due to his subcommittee obligations in the Middle East and Africa.

On Wednesday, August 2 all this was discussed with Fitzpatrick along with health care reform, an upcoming redistricting year and sanctuary cities.


Congressman Fitzpatrick, in his freshman term, took over for his brother, former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, who served for more than eight years.

The current Republican brother made his way to D.C. and left behind a job he referred to as “the best decision of his life” as a special agent in the FBI. The training he experienced has led Fitzpatrick to many bi-partisan¬†groups and initiatives.

Currently, he is involved with the Problem Solver’s Caucus, a group that authored a set of beliefs aimed at health insurance markets reliable for individuals, families, and small businesses. The American Health Care Act was a reform against which Fitzpatrick voted.

“We (Congress) were essentially given, give or take, 17 days to digest that legislation,” he noted on the decision, “and I’m a big believer in things going through regular order.”

On a much lighter note, Fitzpatrick spoke about his upbringing and his first couple days in D.C. on Mayor Chris Harding’s show, Yardley Boro On-Air on WBCB 1490 AM.

The two also discussed the opioid epidemic, as well as many other issues that are important to his constituents in Bucks and parts of Montgomery Counties.