The Las Vegas shooting sent chills around the country. Here in Bucks County, The Peace Center stepped up to ensure the community feels support.

A candlelight vigil for Las Vegas was held at The Peace Center on 102 West Maple Avenue in Langhorne on Thursday night. Grace Wheeler, Program Coordinator, explained it’s usual for the organization to plan a vigil when there is a national tragedy.

“We tend to find that our community members are really grasping for something. They need some outlet to show their support, to express their grief,” Wheeler said.

Community members walked from the Middletown Friends Meeting to The Peace Center where discussions on remembrance, peace, and a call to action were mediated.

“We are always devastated whenever we hear one of these events,” Wheeler said of tragedies. “But we are also very grateful that our community turns to us.”

The Peace Center has been spreading their mission in Bucks for 35 years. They have grown their connections within the county. The Las Vegas tragic, and sudden shooting attracted six sponsors: Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition, Bucks Safe, BuxMont Coalition for Peace Action, Ceasefire PA, Interfaith Community of Lower Bucks, and Moms Demand Action.

“We are currently working on a separate event, a universal background check rally,” Wheeler said of the sponsor group. “Which is going to be on October 29… and we already had a conference call scheduled for that Monday.”

Wheeler said all of the organizations agreed to the vigil. The purpose, to ensure these hardships do not go unforgotten.

“Unfortunately, what we tend to see with these sorts of tragedies they dominate the news cycle for a very short period of time and no longer right on the forefront of the people’s day to day activities.”

“We always want to find a way to harness that energy and to keep it.”