The Commonwealth gained custody of the property once owned by a convicted child rapist, Lee Kaplan, of Lower Southampton.

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Late Tuesday morning, Kaplan signed his Old Street Road home in Feasterville over before District Judge Diane Gibbon. In that, he relinquished his right to take the forfeiture case to a jury trial.

“In this particular case, his (Kaplan’s) interest was to not put the girls through another fight it was to take care of them as well as he could from where he is,” Ryan Hyde, Kaplan’s attorney said.

The Old Street Road home, Lee Kaplan signed over to the Commonwealth

Kaplan was sentenced to 30 to 87 years in September for various sexual abuse convictions including multiple counts of child rape. The Feasterville man held 11 Amish girls in his home ranging in age from 1 to 19 for up to three years, finally ending in June 2016.

Deputy DA Kate Kohler and Hyde came to an agreement in which the victims will be provided a portion of the property’s assets.

After back taxes and liens are paid, the remainder will go to each of the girls to provide education, house, and medical expenses up until age 25 and then, “they can use it however they want,” Kohler said.

Hyde will receive $30,000, as ruled in a prior agreement between the Commonwealth and Kaplan before the late May into early June trial.

Children and Youth plan to use their lien towards Restoring Families, a program that works with children who have become problematic due to sexual abuse.

The Hope Fund from the Network Of Victims Assistance will receive $25,000. The NOVA program assists families with children who have been victim to violent sexual abuse access to activities such as, “a dance class.”

The rest of the assets from the two-story home in Lower Southampton will go to the victims in this case.

“Everybody wanted to see them (the girls) get something out of this,” Kohler said.