Commissioner Loughery Announces Re-Election Campaign

Commissioner Rob Loughery (right) announces the Bucks County Center for Economic and Workforce Development.

County Commissioner Rob Loughery is officially running to resecure his position in this year’s local elections. Loughery has served on the board since 2011 and has been chairman since 2012.

Bucks County Commissioner Rob Loughery.

As commissioner, it is Loughery’s job alongside two other elected officials to manage the county’s budget, now more than $430 million. Loughery made the announcement late last week and says he’s proud to serve as a good financial steward for taxpayer dollars.

“Combating the opioid epidemic, workforce development, mental health issues, there’s a lot of different challenges,” Loughery said. “And because we’ve been in such a strong financial position, it’s enabled us to really tackle those issues.”

Commissioners also have the job of overseeing almost 2,400 county employees in numerous departments. Looking forward, Loughery wants to continue making Bucks County an affordable and pleasant place to live.

“Some of the areas we have to work on are affordable housing for young families so they can afford to live ad work in Bucks County,” Loughery said. “Upgrading our parks for quality of life. We’ve preserved 17,000 acres of farms and that’s something we want to continue to do because we have a strong agricultural community.”

Primary elections are May 21.