Jan. 8 to Jan. 9 is leaving Bucks’ longest Code Blue declaration in the program’s history with a roar.

“The biggest concern is sleet and freezing rain,” Christopher Edwards, Director, Commissioners’ Office of Public Information said. “It coats the roads that are already sort of coated from the aftermath of last weeks storm.”

Many school districts and buildings, including the County of Bucks Government, closed early on Monday due to to the weather.

In 2010, the “Code Blue” program began with a collaboration of the County Health Department, Emergency Management Agency, Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN) and various churches. Upper Bucks’ has since established permanent church shelters, while Lower Bucks rotates their location every winter month until March.

“This is pretty unprecedented,” Edwards said of the Code Blue which began Dec. 26.

This two-week warning surpassed 2016’s Code Blue from March 10 to 18.  Edwards said this alert has been the longest in the Code Blue program’s history.

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Do not fret, however, Bucks’ forecasts show temperatures pushing 60 degrees by Friday!

Lower Bucks Shelter:

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