Christmas Ham Visiting Santa Scott Goes Hog Wild

Santa Scott poses with his elves, with Lily at left. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A pig in line to take a photo with the Fairless Hills Garden Center’s Santa Scott caused a ruckus Sunday. But a squealing Christmas ham is just the tip of the iceberg for the locally famous and revered Kris Kringle.

“I had horses at Oxford Valley,” Santa Scott said. “Cows, pigs, any kind of animal I’ll sit with. Crocodiles, alligators.”

One person in line caught a short tape of the small incident. The video, posted to Twitter here, captures the ham’s loud reaction.

One elf, Lily, says she was startled by the excited hog.

“The pig was screaming, so it was scary for everyone,” Lily said. “But then I found out that’s more normal for pigs, so it was less scary. But it was insane, the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in here.”

But for Santa Scott, it’s another day.

“It was expected because there were dogs and everything else in line,” said Scott calmly.

Santa Scott sits with a crocodile with reindeer antler. Photo via Santa Scott.

Santa Scott thrives on not being a typical Santa. After parting ways with Oxford Valley Mall in 2017 for refusing to conform, he found a new home at the Fairless Hills Garden Center.

His loyal fans and followers stayed with him, creating long lines just for Santa Scott. On some days, he puts aside time to meet with children with special needs. Other evenings, it’s a time for people to bring their pets.

There’s no exaggeration for Santa Scott either. He prides himself on eccentricity, with “Naughty” and “Nice” tattoos on his forearms.

Each child gets a normal photo with Santa, then a fun photo. Scott will hold them upside down or other poses. And a squealing hog is just another day.

Though Christmas is over, chances are Santa Scott will be back next year. More on the jolly elf is available here.