Chick-fil-A Gets 2nd Middletown Location At Langhorne Shopping Center

The Bensalem Chick-fil-A on Street Road which opened in Nov 2018. Image via Chic-fil-A.

A second Chick-fil-A is coming to Middletown Township.

It’s planned to go up in the Langhorne Square Shopping Center on East Lincoln Highway. Next to Starbucks, it will be less than two miles away from the other Chick-fil-A location near Sesame Place.

An overhead plan for the new Middletown Chick-fil-A.

The coming franchise will fill a section of the parking lot which is typically empty. It will be about 5,200 square feet, according to project engineer Justin Thornton with Colliers Engineering & Design.

Like other restaurants in the chicken chain, the new location will have two drive-thru lanes. The drive-thru will be somewhat separated from the rest of the parking lot.

Chick-fil-A is also putting nearly $150,000 toward a future traffic signal and other traffic impact fees, Thornton told the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors at Monday nights meeting.

Other proposed features would be a new sidewalk for people walking between the shopping center and nearby residential Levittown section of Highland Park.

Local officials and residents alike raised traffic concerns at Monday’s meeting.

Supervisor Chairman Tom Tosti pointed out the Starbucks next door only has one window and has long vehicle lines through the morning. He asked Chick-fil-A to work with the owner of the shopping center to look for solutions.

But Tosti acknowledged the current traffic issues are not Chick-fil-A’s responsibility. And Supervisor Amy Strouse echoed the sentiment.

“We still owe the Highland Park residents more,” said Strouse. “That shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of the last one in.”

It passed on a 4-1 vote, with only Dawn Quirple dissenting.