American Idol Contestant and former Pennsbury High School attendee Catie Turner made a guest appearance Thursday for this year’s 99th annual Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. Appropriately, the Pennsbury High School marching band also appeared for its staple performance.

In the coldest Thanksgiving temperature in more than 100 years, Turner made her way down the 1.4 mile parade route alongside her fellow contestants. Temperatures barely reached 28 degrees and winds at 16 mph only intensified the cold.

Turner posts a quick thought to Twitter early Thanksgiving morning.

Turner won the hearts of fans and judges, including Katy Perry, through her down-to-earth personality and impressive singing performances. Notably creative and quirky, she posts some of her thoughts on her twitter @hashtagcatie.

“Jackets are just mittens for ur shoulders,” Turner tweeted early Thanksgiving morning, presumably as she prepared for the frigid day ahead of her.

A local high school girl from Langhorne, Turner made it to the top 7 in the nationally broadcast competition and amassed fans from all across the nation. Bucks County American Idol watchers, and even local officials including State Rep. Frank Farry and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, rallied around Turner last year as she competed.

Despite high winds, all 15 balloons, 16 floats, and 30 performances made it to their final destinations.