A Warminster woman has been sentenced to nine to 23 months in the Bucks County Correctional Facility after stealing more than $56,000 from an 80 year-old victim who resided at Ann’s Choice Retirement Home.

Lisa Lehman-Waters, 48, was the caregiver of the elderly woman from July 2015 until April 2016 and was entrusted to manage all of her finances.

Children alerted police when they discovered unusual transactions being made in their wheelchair-bound mother’s bank account. In total, it was discovered Lehmann-Waters had given herself $36,000 more than her salary and made 63 transactions on the victim’s debit card totaling up to $19,000.

This past April, a jury found her guilty of deceptive business practices, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of a debit card.

According to her children, the victim’s mental and physical health has declined tremendously leaving her frail with low self-esteem, nightmares and a difficult time trusting other people.

The victim’s children wrote a statement to the judge detailing the damages to their mother’s well being.

“In trying to comprehend the reasoning behind these horrendous acts, our mother was scared and fragile; her self-esteem plummeted, she doubted everything and everybody.”

After sentencing Lehman-Waters, Judge Raymond McHugh said he believes “the defendant understands the significance of her crime,” but he also believes she has not taken full responsibility for all of her actions.

During the sentencing, Defense Attorney Paul J. Mallis recommended the judge be lenient because the defendant had a clear criminal record.

Judge McHugh noted Lehman-Waters would have likely been sentenced to state prison, but spared her because she had paid the full restitution of $56,058. After serving 30 days, Lehman-Waters may be considered for intermediate punishments such as a work release and house arrest. She is not allowed to come in contact with the victim’s family.

WBCB’s Shaun Grace contributed to this report.