Candidates Footsteps: Allen Toadvine

(From left) Luann Toadvine, Allen Toadvine, a friend, and County Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery meet at Historic Fallsington Day. Photo by Rick Rickman.

As the November county and municipal elections draw nearer, WBCB is beginning Candidate Footsteps. While local elections often receive less attention than national races, they can be just as important. First up is Allen Toadvine.

As three spots are open in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas, six candidates are vying for the top spots. To familiarize the public with these individuals, WBCB will follow them on the campaign trail.

Allen Toadvine
Allen Toadvine speaks with a local pastor at Historic Fallsington Day. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Allen Toadvine, Esq. is one Republican candidate running for County Judge. The Levittown native has practiced law for four decades. Through his years, Toadvine has experience dealing with land development, municipal law, and family law.

In fact, his experience in family law brought Allen in contact with some of his closest friends. Gary, Micki, and their daughter Samantha joined Allen on the campaign trail Saturday at Historic Fallsington Day.

Their families met when Allen helped their son with a legal matter. After going their separate ways, they found each other at the same gym. Eventually, their new friends decided to join the Toadvines on their journey around Bucks County.

“He always feeds me,” Micki said, explaining why they decided to help campaign. “He’s fair, he’s honest to a fault, he’s loyal. I can’t imagine anyone better for the job.”

Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery wears the iconic “Toadvine for Judge” hat. Photo by Luann Toadvine.

Allen’s wife Luann Toadvine may be the brains of the operation. Donning a patriotic cowboy hat with a big “Toadvine for Judge” button, she fills the role of Allen’s manager. She helps break the ice with potential voters and takes photographs for the Allen Toadvine for Judge Facebook page.

“I like going on the trail with my husband,” said Luann Toadvine. “I’m meeting all new people. I’m going places I’ve never been before. It’s awesome.”

As the group went up and down Yardley Avenue, they spoke with locals and vendors. Allen sampled jams, bought cider donuts, and talked with old friends.

After stopping in Fallsington, the Toadvine team headed to Quakertown for the next event. They will continue traveling throughout Bucks County meeting with locals and trying to get out the vote.