Bucks Unemployment Falls To 3.2%

A student speaks with a hiring manager at a BCCC career fair. Photo via Bucks County Community College.

The Bucks County unemployment rate has fallen again for the month of April, the most recent month for available data at the county level.

A graph showing Bucks County’s unemployment rate for the past decade. Data via Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

Bucks County hit a twelve year low earlier this year, and the numbers have only improved. From 3.6% in February, Bucks County’s rate now sits at a comfortable seasonally adjusted 3.2%.

The seasonally unadjusted figure is even better at 2.8% in preliminary data. This is the lowest figure since Dec. 1999 when it was 2.7%.

However, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry notes “seasonally adjusted data provide the most valid month-to-month comparison.”

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s May numbers have stayed consistent from April. At 3.8%, this is the lowest unemployment rate since the state began keeping record in 1976.

Labor force participation in PA also remained unchanged. Currently, 6,471,000 are working or looking for work.

Contrary to some misunderstandings, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics factors people with multiple jobs as a single person. This means people with more than one job are not counted twice, and count the same as a single job holder.