It was a joyous night at GOP Headquarters in Doylestown for many Republican candidates in Bucks County including Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and State Senator Tommy Tomlinson.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick holds back tears as he embraces his brother, Mike Fitzpatrick.

An emotional Fitzpatrick beat his Democratic opponent Scott Wallace for the PA-01 congressional seat with nearly 52% of the vote.

“From the bottom of my heart, I’m just panning around the room here, there’s so many amazing human beings,” Fitzpatrick said. “They give up their time and energy for nothing other than to serve their community and their country.”

The reelected congressman celebrated his victory with his brother, Mike Fitzpatrick, at his side.

“You’re never going to have another man like the one behind me, ever,” Fitzpatrick said of his brother, who has struggled with health issues since leaving Congress. “And you all ought to love him and respect him everyday and thank him for everything he’s done for us.”

Meanwhile, Tomlinson beat challenger State Rep. Tina Davis by the smallest of margins. 100 votes out of more than 108,000 decided the outcome for the sixth senate district.

“I am shocked that the candidate, as she was, did as good as she did,” Tomlinson said referring to Davis. “But it’s a razor thin margin, I’m sure this will go to a recount.”

In the 10th Senate District, Democrat Steve Santarsiero beat State Rep. Marguerite Quinn handily, who emphasized civility in her concession speech. Santarsiero served as the State Representative for the 31st district for four terms before leaving in 2016 to face now-Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

The State Legislature saw some mix ups this election as Wendi Thomas beat State Rep. Helen Tai in their rematch after May’s special election.

Democrat Wendy Ullman took Marguerite Quinn’s old seat and Republican Todd Polinchock will be taking over for Kathy Watson as she retires from politics.

Though she lost her Senate race, State Rep. Tina Davis’ back up plan in the State House proved successful as she dominated Anthony Sposato.

State Reps. Perry Warren, Frank Farry, Gene DiGirolamo, and John Galloway will all be seeing each other again in the House.