Bucks Redevelopment Authority Director Retires

State Senator Tommy Tomlinson (Left) and Bob White.

Bucks County Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Bob White announced his retirement late Monday. On July 9, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to elect a new Executive Director.

Former Deputy Director Jeff Darwak was appointed to take on the role as Robert White looks to retire. White served as E.D. for two and a half decades and is known for projects such as the revitalization of the Port of Bucks County.

The Port of Bucks County.

Darwak told WBCB he views White as a mentor in the Redevelopment Authority.

“He’s really been my guide and set me on a good path,” Darwak said. “He’s been a tremendous resource for me and really helped me develop into this position I’m taking over now.”

Chairman Sean Schafer also had only positive things to say of White.

South Bensalem Waterside Riverfront.

“From revitalizing the Delaware River waterfront, to assisting hundreds of low-to-moderate income Bucks County residents in making critical repairs to their homes, to redeveloping dozens of vacant blighted properties,” Schafer boasted of White, “the success of Bob’s tenure as director of the Redevelopment Authority can be tangibly seen throughout Bucks County.”

Darwak will be filling White’s shoes and wants to uphold the Authority’s legacy.

“I’m looking forward to continuing the success record of the authority. The authority has really grown and expanded, in particular in Lower Bucks County,” Darwak said. “And accomplishing as much or hopefully more than Bob did; if I do that I think I’ll be very successful.”

The new Executive Director also relishes the work the Redevelopment Authority does for Bucks County.

“Whether it be a vacant house that gets rehabilitated or a larger community redevelopment project, you actually see the work that you do,” Darwak articulated. “It’s very rewarding in that sense.”

White will continue to consult with the agency in a flexible retirement to ensure a smooth transition of leadership. 

Other pictures of the Redevelopment Authority’s accomplishments are below. All photos courtesy of Jeff Darwak.

Turning Basin.
9th Street Site in Perkasie Borough.
“Former Dial Plant” on Radcliffe Street in Bristol Borough (also referred to as “Riverfront North”), now Island View Crossing.