Bucks Public Libraries Receive Refurbishing Grants

The Bucks County Free Library in Levittown.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has awarded grants to libraries throughout the Commonwealth. Among those receiving funds are the Bucks County Free Library in Levittown and Morrisville Free Library.

Built 108 years ago, the Morrisville Free Library is home to more than 25,000 items. It handily serves 7,000 users, but the building needs some renovation.

To that end, the state government has awarded $52,000 for a new roof. The money will be used to replace the current slate.

As for the Bucks County Free Library on New Falls Road, some windows are in need of replacement. The Dept. of Education has awarded a grant of $87,735.

“Public libraries today provide far more services to their communities beyond providing access to books, computers and research,” said Glenn Miller, Deputy Secretary and Commissioner for Libraries. “Libraries also offer patrons spaces to hold community discussions and classrooms to learn new skills. The Keystone Library grants will enable libraries to improve their physical facilities so they can continue to serve their communities.”

These funds are part of a larger $3.25 million in Keystone grants awarded to 19 public libraries in 12 counties throughout Pennsylvania.