Bucks Police Memorial Returns To St Andrews, Honors Fallen Officers

A gallery of photos from the 2021 Police Memorial Service is below.

Attendees stand at the 2021 Police Memorial Service for the presentation of the Memorial Wreath. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Members of law enforcement and the families of fallen officers gathered at Saint Andrew’s Roman Catholic Church in Newtown Monday night for this year’s annual Police Memorial Service.

Thirteen members of Bucks County law enforcement have officially died in the line of duty since 1914. The most recent was Bucks County Ranger Thomas Booz who passed away June 6, 2020.

Bucks County Police Chief’s Association Chaplain Steve Mawhinney speaks. Monsignor Michael Picard sits behind him. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Monsignor Michael Picard led prayer as the families of those who died in the line of duty mourned in the pews. 

“Lord, our friends are now gone from this earthly dwelling. And they have left behind those who mourn their loss and their absence. Grant that as we grieve for them, we may hold their memory dear and live in hope of the eternal kingdom with them where you bring all of us together again.”

Bucks County Police Chief’s Association Chaplain Steve Mawhinney offered words of support. An extended excerpt from Mawhinney is below.

“While remembering the sacrifices of these fine officers, let us not forget the feelings of loss that are still felt by the families and loved ones of these fallen heroes. Even though these officers we honor this evening are no among our ranks, their memories remain in the minds and hearts of the respective families, loved ones, friends, and the law enforcement community.”

“We pray to God to allow the hearts of those left behind to filled with comfort and serenity that these heroes died while fulfilling their dedication to the badges that they wore proudly. We pray that they continue to remain strong and take comfort in the belief that someday they will be reunited with their heroes in the presence of God.”

“My fellow officers, let us pray that we are all present at the next memorial service and that we will not add any more families to those who are already suffering. As we continue to serve our communities to the best of our abilities, we do so with the knowledge that our efforts honor those departed officers who gave the ultimate best with their lives.”

Photos from the 2021 Police Memorial Service. Click to enlarge.