Bucks Police Departments Plan For Coronavirus Disruptions

The Bristol Township Police Mobile Police Station. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Police in Bucks County say they are ready for the coronavirus. The statement comes as local departments could see manpower shortages due to quarantines.

As first responders continue to serve the public, they expose themselves to a new potential risk. Any person they help could have COVID-19 and spread the virus.

If they come into contact with a potential carrier, police officers would need to self-quarantine. This could interrupt normal schedules and create holes in coverage.

Should manpower shortages arise, the Bucks County Police Chiefs’ Association says it has contingencies in place.

These plans have been in place long before the coronavirus. They allow police to operate in municipalities outside of their usual jurisdiction.

Bucks District Attorney Matt Weintraub is county’s chief law enforcement officer. He said a key component to responding to COVID-19 is being prepared.

“Keeping the public safe despite any and all outside circumstances is our first priority, and preparedness is paramount in meeting that goal,” said Weintraub. “We continue to monitor the developing situation and will adapt our approach to be sure everyone stays safe.”

The BCPCA is comprised of chiefs throughout the county, including Middletown Chief Joe Bartorilla. It works to “foster and facilitate cooperation” between police departments.

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