Bucks Passes 1,000 COVID-19 Deaths As New Cases Fall

A map of coronavirus cases reported in the last 30 days as of Jan. 24, 2021.

Bucks County has officially passed a tragic milestone; health officials have tallied more than 1,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19.

The county passed the 1,000 mark late this past week. There are 1,012 COVID-19 related deaths as of Sunday night.

Along with deaths, health officials report more than 35,000 confirmed cases. Cases spiked following Thanksgiving, then again after the New Year.

But over the past two weeks, new case counts have started dropping off steeply.

A graph of the seven-day rolling average since November 2020 in Bucks.

The seven-day rolling average, as of Saturday, is 246 new cases per day. This is less than half of the high of nearly 520 seen post-Thanksgiving.

Bucks has not recorded a rolling average this low since November 13 of last year.

However, the decline has started to level off in the short term. Over the past few days, the seven-day rolling average has stabilized to about 250 new cases per day.

And despite Bucks reaching more than 1,000 deaths, these are declining as well.

In the most recent weekly reporting period, thirty Bucks residents died with COVID-19. While still drastically higher than death totals through entire months over the summer, it is lower than the week before.

Bucks County Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker is urging people to be practical.

“Our numbers are definitely improving as the post-holiday surge has calmed down,” said Dr. David Damsker, director of the Bucks County Health Department. “However, there are still 10 times as many cases as there were over the summer. Let’s continue to be smart and safe while doing the things we need to do.”

Meantime, the county continues to slowly vaccinate the population. County officials have expressed frustration with vaccine shortages even as the Wolf Administration expands eligibility.

State data shows nearly 18,000 people have received partial vaccinations in Bucks as of this weekend. A total of 5,770 are fully vaccinated.