A state lawmaker in Bucks County is throwing his weight behind legislation in the state House to bring down drug prices.

If passed into law, supporters say the bill would set limits on what drug manufacturers can charge for prescriptions and provide oversight for pharmaceutical companies.

It would also create ways for Pennsylvania to import drugs if companies at home decide to not play ball.

State Rep. Perry Warren (D-Bucks) says the legislation would ultimately save lives.

“After seeing the price of life-saving medication skyrocket in recent years, this bill would provide oversight for pharmaceutical companies,” said Warren. “The amount of money in your bank account should not determine whether you receive a readily available medication you need to live, yet that has become an everyday reality for too many Pennsylvanians.”

A 2019 Pennsylvania Health Access Network survey showed significant numbers of state residents make sacrifices on their health based on what they can afford. It found 19% of those surveyed did not fill their prescriptions, while about 17% skipped doses or cut pills in half.

“Pennsylvanians are struggling to afford the prescription drugs they need, often cutting pills in half, skipping doses, leaving unfilled prescriptions at the pharmacy, or choosing between medications and necessities like food, rent, or utilities,” said Antoinette Kraus, PHAN Director. Kraus encouraged other lawmakers to pass the bill.