Bucks IU Donates More Than 150 Face Shields For Doctors

Face shields dropped off to the Bucks County Emergency Operations Center in the background. Photo via BCIU.

The Bucks County Intermediate Unit has donated more than 150 face shields to healthcare workers in the region.

They first delivered a shipment of 80 face shields to the Emergency Operations Center in Ivyland just three days later.

Bucks IU fabricated and donated 155 face shields to medical professionals in the region. Photo via Bucks IU.

More recently, they donated another 75 pieces of equipment this past Friday to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.

Using their 3-D printers and laser cutter, Bucks IU began production back on April 3rd. All of the technology sits on its Mobile FAB LAB (fabrication laboratory).

During a normal school year, the FAB LAB gives students a chance to work with new equipment. But with school out of session, it serves a new purpose in creating medical gear.

Dr. Lindsey Sides, Bucks IU Supervisor of STEAM Education, learned about the role 3-D printers could play from her peers in the educational field. She joined forces Bucks IU FAB LAB Program Coordinator Megan Boletta.

Together, they ordered materials for fabrication and made their prototypes. They received approval from the Emergency Operations Center in early April.

A 3-D printer from the Bucks IU FAB LAB. Photo via Bucks IU.

“We are so excited and gratified to be able to use this equipment to help protect and support those on the front lines against this COVID-19 epidemic,” stated Dr. Sides. “In the spirit of ‘sharing it forward’ we would also be happy to give our design instructions to anyone else who may have this equipment and want to help produce these as well.”

Bucks IU will make the design instructions for the face shields it’s making publicly available so anyone else with the right tools can get on the job.

Anyone with a 3-D printer can make a head piece. Bucks IU will then add the face shields.

People who are interested in the design can reach out to Dr. Lindsey Sides at STEAM@BucksIU.org. They can also call her at 215-348-2940 ext. 1460.