Bucks Issues Code Blue As Temperatures Drop

The Woodside Church entrance, with a Code Blue sign out front.

With temperatures dropping and snow in the forecast, Bucks County has issued its first Code Blue of 2020. The declaration will last from Friday at 7 p.m. through the morning of Thursday, Jan. 23.

In Lower Bucks, Woodside Church will open its doors to shelter anyone in need. The church is located at 1667 Edgewood Road in Lower Makefield.

Low temperatures and fierce winds can make it dangerous to remain outside for extended periods of time. Code Blue declarations give a place to sleep at night to those who may not have a place to stay, namely the homeless.

Volunteers will help transport, provide food, and otherwise organize the Code Blue. Public safety officials are also duly informed of the situation.

In times of extreme temperatures, people should wear appropriate clothing and keep their neighbors in mind. Pets, those with special needs, and the elderly can all be especially vulnerable.

People with questions can call the Bucks County Housing Authority at 1-800-810-4434. More information is available at these websites: