There are 144 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bucks County with 16 new cases Friday. County health officials say this continues a trend showing a slowing pace of community spread.

The greatest increase in COVID-19 cases was announced Wednesday with 25 new cases. But Thursday saw a decline down to 18 new cases.

Bucks Director of Health Dr. David Damsker says at least 10 people have fully recovered from coronavirus. They were released from isolation after three days of showing no symptoms

Additionally, Damsker expects the numbers will not reflect social distancing efforts for at least four or five days. At that time, health officials will be able to more accurately determine the effectiveness of social distancing.

However, the county not testing people who have very mild symptoms. This will leave out some family members of individuals who do have the virus but do not need medical attention.

Damsker says this means there are many more than 144 cases in Bucks, but it also means the hospitalization rate is much lower than initial numbers may show. He expects the situation is similar in places like New York and Italy.

Damsker also stated the county is following procedures under the belief people who fully recover cannot be reinfected