A chill in the forecast has Bucks County declaring a Code Blue Thursday night through Sunday morning.

The decision comes with temperatures dropping into the teens Friday night, and wind chills into the low single digits.

Code Blues notify shelters throughout Bucks to open to those in need when weather becomes dangerous. The non-profit organization Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need partners with local churches in Lower Bucks to create a safe environment at night.

In Lower Bucks, the Calvary Baptist Church on Green Lane in Bristol will open its doors at 9 p.m. Thursday night. For those closer to Central Bucks, the Doylestown Presbyterian Church will be open.

On-call volunteers will help manage transportation, organizing food, and other procedures. The operation is entirely volunteer based; without enough people, the shelters cannot open.

Shelters opening in coordination with the AHTN only open their doors when temperatures drop below 26 degrees with wind chill. More information about AHTN and available shelters can be found on their website here.