Bucks DA Charges Two Men With Rape Of Single Boy

Two Lower Bucks men are facing child rape charges for allegedly assaulting the same boy on different occasions.

One of the suspects is Louis Charles Aiello, 57, of Penndel Borough. He began abusing the boy in 2001, according to authorities. The victim was at most 12 years old.

Bristol Township resident David Charles Hofmann, 60, is the second suspect. He allegedly started abusing the same victim in 1995, when the victim would be about 6 years old.

Both men were close friends to the victim’s family. Hofmann was even known as “Uncle Dave” and lived with the family on multiple occasions.

(From left) David Charles Hofmann, 60, and Louis Charles Aiello, 57. Image via Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.

In some instances, they abused the boy at the victim’s own residence in Falls Township.

The boy told his parents about both abusers in 2007. They did not go to police, though the abuse from both men stopped the same year.

Despite having the same victim, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office believes the men did not know each other during this time period.

“I don’t believe in coincidences, but to have to report two cases of child predation at the same time is just awful to do,” said District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub. “One way the public can help stop this type of abuse is to report any suspicious behavior by an adult towards a child to Childline or to the police.”

Additionally, the DA’s Office believes Aiello had a second victim from 2008 to 2010. This male victim was 14 when the abuse began. Police say they met at a wedding where Aiello worked as a DJ.

This makes for three alleged sexual abusers charged by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office in two days. The first is a Tullytown man who worked as a bus driver and youth sports coach.

There are likely more victims, according to authorities.

The boy who was targeted by both men says in one instance Aiello abused a second child at the same time. Meantime, a recorded phone call allegedly captured Hofmann discussing having several other victims.

District Attorney Matt Weintraub is asking for any other potential victims to step forward.

“This is a call for victims and witnesses. If you or someone you know were victimized by any of these three defendants please come forward and report it. We will help you through this,” Weintraub said.

Anyone with any information can reach out to Falls Township Police Detective Stephen Reeves at 215-949-9100.