20 Bucks County residents died Monday of COVID-19, tying last Wednesday for the deadliest day so far. This brings the death toll to 258, with four out of five victims being residents of long term care facilities.

The overwhelming majority of Monday’s victims were over the age of 70, with some exceptions including a 42-year-old man. The average age of those who die of COVID-19 remains around 82 years old.

Overall, 92 people died last week from the virus. This is a 50 percent increase from 61 the week before.

There were also 110 new positives, and almost half were staff or residents at long term care facilities. The county total now sits at 3,429 cases.

882 patients have made full recoveries, though 28 people are in critical condition and on ventilators.

The county also released Sunday’s numbers, which were unusually low. There were 50 new cases and only five deaths. Saturday saw 100 new cases and only two deaths. It is unclear why Monday saw such a large increase.