Bucks County Govt Supplying Face Shields For Students

Face shields manufactured by Bucks County Intermediate Unit. Photo via Bucks IU.

Face shields for every student.

That’s the plan the Bucks County Commissioners announced during a virtual press conference Thursday. They hope it will make classrooms safe for students when they return to in-person learning this fall.

The face shields will replace face coverings like masks. The county is purchasing these face shields for each student at all public and private schools in Bucks.

And they’re already being made.

“We know that there’s been a lot of worry about wearing masks, and some can’t wear masks,” said Commissioners Chair Diane Ellis-Marseglia. “But virtually everybody can wear a shield.”

“More importantly, it allows the teachers and their peers to see everybody’s mouth when they are speaking, and it allows the students to see the teachers’ mouths as well. We are pretty hopeful that this is going to be a big comfort step for everybody as we get adjusted to the idea of going back to school.”

When the face shields are available, the Commissioners will arrange plans to distribute them out to the schools.