Bucks County Elder Law Hosting Educational Webinar Wednesday

Henry A. Carpenter II, Esq., Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA). Photo via Bucks County Elder Law.

Bucks County Elder Law’s Henry A. Carpenter II, Esq. will be hosting a free Zoom webinar Wednesday, June 17 at 4 p.m. The topic: “How to Protect Your Stuff and Provide for Your Loved Ones.”

Henry Carpenter, a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA), spoke about the webinar during Senior Legal Strategies on WBCB Tuesday morning.

“What’s happening now is people are calling in and literally saying, ‘I know I need to do something, what do I need to do,'” said Carpenter. “And as I’ve always said, the bottom line is you need to protect your stuff and you need to take care of your family.”

The workshop will focus on planning for the unexpected. It will be an opportunity for Carpenter to teach a large number of people and answer their questions.

Carpenter hopes to address what each person is doing in all facets of life. Health issues, care issues, or even just addressing anxieties about the future and how to plan for the unexpected.

“The situation I find most of my clients in is they’re okay, they’re healthy, they’re happy, but there is an issue,” said Carpenter. ” They’re just afraid of waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

In these cases, people want to be protected in case the other shoe does drop.

“If the current crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we need to expect the unexpected. Things we take for granted are not guaranteed, especially the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones.”

To register for the free Zoom webinar, call the Bucks County Elder Law office at 215-493-0727. They will only need an email address.

This email will not be stored or used for spam. It is only necessary so BCEL can send information on how to join the Zoom call, which begins Wendesday, June 17 at 4 p.m.