Bucks County District Attorney, Matthew Weintraub and the Solebury Police Department led by Cheif Dominick Bellizzie have thanked the community for their support and those involved in the search for the four missing young men turned Solebury Slaying case.

The search lasted about a week and ended with heartbreak for four families. DA Weintraub averaged two briefings per day to keep the community and press informed, while the Solebury Police Department worked with nearly 40 different agencies.

A letter from the DA:

Dear members of our Bucks County community, and all of our prayerful supporters across the country,

We’ve experienced a great and tragic loss with the deaths of Jimi Patrick, Dean Finocchiaro, Tom Meo, and Mark Sturgis. Our community will need time to heal and to recover from our grief over losing these four young men.

But we will heal. I know it.

I know it because of the immeasurable outpouring of support and prayers from all of you – for the boys, for their families, for our first responders and for me. It has touched my heart. Your prayers kept us all going during that first week’s struggle to recover the boys and to investigate their murders.

Just as our first responders persevered through the heat and the dust and the rain and the mud, you all stayed with us on our course to find these boys and bring them home to their families. Your outpouring of support in the form of food and drinks, as well as your thoughts and prayers, sustained us around the clock.

I forever will be grateful to have worked with the hundreds of men and women who dedicated themselves to this recovery effort and the concurrent search for the truth of what happened on that Solebury farm. They are too numerous to mention individually, but it is important to let you know that they included people from not only local and state police and the FBI, but from the Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA), public works, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, as well as many businesses, churches and individual citizens. I wish I could name them all here, but suffice it to say we are truly blessed to be a part of this community.

We live in a community that rallies around its own.  I believe in Bucks County’s exceptionalism. When the eyes of the nation were upon us, we rose to meet the challenges thrust upon us, and we shone.

Many of you have been gracious and generous in your praise of how we handled this terrible tragedy. Unfortunately, I can’t personally answer each of your calls, letters, emails or notes posted on our websites. I wish I could. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate your support and the faith that you put in law enforcement every day. We do. I have relayed that outpouring of support to as many of the men and women who assisted in this recovery and investigation as I could, and I will continue to do so.

Now, with Mark, Tom, Dean and Jimi returned to their families, and with the major part of this criminal investigation completed, we in law enforcement have returned to the normality of keeping you safe every day. But you all know, now more than ever, that we are here for you when you need us.

Thank you,

Matthew D. Weintraub
Bucks County District Attorney

From the Solebury Police Department:

Please accept our sincere thanks for the excellent support provided by our fellow law enforcement and emergency service providers!

You and your organizations stood by the Solebury Township Police Department and community during the tragic loss of 4 young men.  The exceptional efforts each person and organization put forward was truly a task that each and every one of you stood strong too.

We are proud of the team that formed and your tireless efforts to bring these young men home to their families.  To the families and friends of Tom, Mark, Jimiand Dean we continue to support and pray for you and are here for you when you need us.

Police Agencies, Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Bucks County Detectives, Central Bucks SRT Crime Scene Unit, Montgomery County Municipal Police

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The search ended with tragedy, but all four men have been laid to rest with multiple vigils and separate funeral services to remember their lives.

DA Weintraub stated after his last press conference on July 14, “our work is far from over.”

The preliminary hearings for the two charged with the homicides among related offenses are scheduled for September.