Bucks County COVID-19 Cases Fall, Vaccine Rollout Remains Slow

A map of COVID-19 cases reported in municipalities over the last 30 days as of Feb. 24, 2021.

The rate of new coronavirus cases continues to decrease, especially recently.

As of Saturday, the seven-day rolling average fell to 146 per day. This is a drop of nearly 25 percent from the week before and brings the total number of cases in Bucks to more than 44,400.

However, hospitalizations and deaths are still lagging behind this positive trend. The number of people in the hospital remains at about 90.

Health officials also reported 26 deaths attributed to COVID-19 last week. This brings the death toll to 1,128.

Meantime, vaccination rollout remains slow. The county’s three clinics administered a combined 1,737 vaccines since opening last Tuesday through Saturday.

Bucks officials have said the clinics could do 200 vaccinations each per day, or 3,000 per week. They attribute the slow rollout to clinics being closed for two days due to weather.

As of Saturday, medical workers have administered more than 84,000 doses of vaccine. About 37,000 people have received their first dose and 23,500 are fully protected.

Overall, Bucks County Department of Health Director Dr. David Damsker is pleased with the direction the county is headed.

“We continue to see cases dropping and vaccination numbers going up. It’s a winning trend for long-term control of the outbreak,” said Damsker. “Even if the vaccine supply isn’t as good as we want it to be, every person that is immunized brings us closer to our goals.”