Bucks Coronavirus Cases Exceed 6,000, Hospitalizations Low

A county map showing active cases in Bucks. Image via Bucks County Govt.

The rate of reported coronavirus cases in Bucks County increased recently, but other indicators show promising trends.

Friday through Monday, health officials reported an average of about 36 cases per day. This four day total of 147 positives brought the county total to 6,039.

However, almost a third of these cases are so old they are no longer infectious. With this adjustment, the rate of new infections during this time is closer to 26 per day.

As the county averaged about 25 for the first two weeks of July, the most recent data shows a slight increase in cases.

Bucks Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker did not show surprise.

“We’ve had some additional cases from summer travel and Fourth of July parties,” said Damsker. “I think the combination of being in the `green’ phase and the nice summer weather lowers people’s guard down a bit. It is not unexpected to have a few more cases at this point.”

Despite the small increase in cases, hospitalizations remain low with just 35 people receiving care. Of those, only two are on ventilators.

Other indicators show Bucks is on track. Community spread remains low with just five cases per day. As of Monday evening, a county map shows no municipality has more than 200 active cases.

Of the more than 6,000 cases, 4,369 have made full recoveries. This makes for a recovery rate of 72 percent, or almost every three in four people.

Bucks County saw its second death for the month of July. The victim was an 80-year-old man with underlying health issues who lived at a long term care facility.