Bristol Township School District Returning To Five Day In-Person Classes

The Bristol Township School District Office entrance. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The Bristol Township School District is returning to five day, in-person learning for all students.

A survey of 2,500 parents in the district found 58 percent favored this model over hybrid or virtual learning.

As a result, the School Board voted unanimously at this week’s meeting to scrap the hybrid model and return to in-person classes.

Families will have to choose between five days in-person or completely virtual learning. They have until March 23rd to decide, then the new model begins Tuesday, April 6th.

The Neshaminy School Board voted to return to five day learning late last month. Elementary school students are already back to this format, while older students have a start date of Monday, April 5.

Additionally, the Council Rock School Board voted earlier this month to approve the same move. However, unlike Neshaminy and Bristol Township, it only applies to students in grades K-6.