Bristol Shooter Sentenced For Double Murder

Joseph Williams, 19.

One year after he killed two peers his own age, Joseph Williams has been sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. He also faces 18 to 36 years for tampering with evidence, recklessly endangering others, and related charges.

On May 4, 2018, Williams pulled the trigger to end the lives of Zyisean McDuffie and Tommy Ballard. All three teenagers were 19 years old.

McDuffle wanted to start his own flatbed service, according to his mother. Ballard wanted to work with his father after high school graduation.

“Mr. Williams, in a brief moment, stripped both of them of their dreams,” said Deputy District Attorney Antonetta Stancu. “Enough is enough. The community in Bucks County, the community in Bristol Township needs to know that all lives are valued. We will not stand for any lives being taken away.”

The incident shook Winder Village last May when Williams and his victims faced off outside a home on Elmhurst Avenue.

According to initial reports, Williams and several others were on the lawn outside. Some were eating Chinese food. Others were in their prom attire and taking photographs.

Then, a grey Chrysler 300 arrived to the scene, according to an affidavit. McDuffle, Ballard, and Jahmier Wilson, 23 exited the vehicle.

The situation quickly escalated as Wilson called out Williams for an argument, and McDuffle began arguing with other men at the scene. Then, Williams drew his gun.

Gary Goddard, 49. Photo via Crimewatch.

He fired several rounds at Wilson, but was unsuccessful in his attempt. A jury convicted Williams for attempted murder in this incident.

Then, one man with Williams’ group name Gary Goddard pulled his own weapon and fired at McDuffle, who fell to the ground. Goddard put several more rounds into his victim, but did not kill him.

Goddard, 49, will face sentencing later this year for attempting to kill McDuffle. A bullet fired from his weapon entered McDuffle’s skull, but was not the fatal shot. Instead, ballistics revealed Williams ultimately killed McDuffle.

Williams must serve his sentence without the possibility of parole.