The Bristol Township Police Department reminds residents to not be “that guy” when parking your vehicle.

With the nice weather here, outdoor activities increase like kids riding their bikes or strolls in the neighborhood. Bristol Police wrote in a release, “Nothing is more annoying than having to walk around a vehicle that’s parking blocking a sidewalk or a crosswalk.”

Here’s what to avoid according to what neighbors frequently report:

  • No Parking on the Sidewalk
  • No Parking within an Intersection
  • No Parking on a Crosswalk
  • No Parking within 20 feet of a Crosswalk at an Intersection
  • No Parking within 30 feet of a Stop Sign
  • No Parking over 12 inches from the Curb
  • No Parking against Traffic (Facing The Wrong Way)
  • No Parking in Front of a Driveway

Bristol Police said cars in violation will be subject to a ticket, and possible towing if it poses a “hazard.”