The Bristol Township Police Department is still looking for a motorist involved in a hit and run.

The driver of a red Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck struck a man on a full sized tricycle on the evening of Monday, May 14 at around 8:16 p.m. The crime occurred at the intersection of State Road & Emily Avenue in Croydon, PA.

Mr. Sabatini was traveling south on street road when he was struck by the vehicle headed in the same direction.

The motorist did not stop after the impact or offer any help to the victim, who has been identified as John Sabatini, 32, of Croydon. Sabatini suffered head injuries and was taken to Jefferson-Torresdale Trauma Center in critical condition.

Home surveillance video, which can be watched here, helped police put together the events of the incident. Pieces of the Dodge Ram’s headlamp and mirror, a broken magnet key holder, and a black Dodge key also assisted the police in identifying the offending vehicle.

Anyone with information helpful to the investigation is asked to contact Officer Mike Sarcewicz at (267) 812-3089 or call the Bristol Township Police Department at (215) 785-4040.