Earlier this year, Bristol Borough took the country by storm after winning the “Small Business Revolution” $500,000 contest. And this Thursday, September 28, the mini-series which captures the Borough will premiere on the Hulu Network and the Small Business Revolution website.

“We’re really excited,” said Bill Pezza, president of the community organization Raising the Bar. “This (the show) is going to be something really special for Bristol. And we’re going to get a whole wave of renewed attention on the town, which is great.”

The multi-part series, “Building Up Bristol Borough,” will feature business owners and local officials who helped make the success possible. Pezza noted the Borough’s first boat dock season is about to wrap up this fall with Historic Bristol Day on October 21 which will feature The Gazela with free tours. In addition, Governor Tom Wolf approved a facade improvement program, which includes Mill Street. The project worth $50,000 will fix up the business district’s appearance.

“The Small Business Revolution piece is part of so many bigger things that are going on. There’s a real synergy about them coming together,”

“And everyone is buzzing about the renewed traffic on the streets.”

Residents regularly notice “new faces,” visitors, and welcome them by answering questions about their town, Pezza mentioned.

Thursday evening, Pezza will be hosting a sold-out viewing party, but, “there will be watch parties taking place all over town.” Pezza stressed from the start the importance of the community in this win.

Also, WBCB 1490 AM‘s show Speak Your Piece will be broadcasting live from Itri Wood Fired restaurant from 12 to 1 p.m. Pat Wandling will interview those involved in the process.

“This is the most exciting thing since the announcement itself,” Pezza said. “All along we’ve been trying to think of what it would be like to be featured in a nationally released video…and we’re about to see that.”

Another piece of the journey newly released this week, Pezza’s book “How Bristol Borough Won.” He explained the premise of the novel is a tribute to, “loosely,” the past.

“There were so many people working in Bristol for years just trying to keep our head above water until we got the traction we needed to take off again…I wanted to capture one of the happiest events in Bristol to put on somebody’s shelf for a long time.”

“How Bristol Borough Won,” will also take readers step by step from the day officials entered the contest to right now.

Watch the trailer before the release of the Small Business Revolution’s Season 2, all about Bristol Borough: