Bowen’s Barber Shop Recognized For Helping Special Needs Kids Before Prom

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick thanked Bowen’s Barber Shop in Newtown last week for helping teenagers with special needs prepare for prom. The First District Representative took to the House floor in D.C. to formally recognize the locally-owned business.

“Bowen’s has been a long-standing, respected business in Newtown,” Fitzpatrick said. “I appreciate their contributions to our community, and I’d like to thank the owner of Bowen’s, Tracy Bowen, for her generosity.”

Bowen’s Barber Shop posts on Facebook about their time before prom.

Bowen coordinated with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit to organize this gesture of goodwill. The business gave five young men with special needs haircuts before prom on Apr. 25 completely free of charge.

Located at 26 Richboro Road, the barber shop specializes in haircuts for men of all ages.

“We had such a great day today with our friends from Bucks County‚Äôs IU HOPE Program!” Bowen’s posted on Facebook. “It was so fun spending time with them and giving them fresh haircuts for their prom! They are a remarkable group of young men!”

“In addition to their haircuts, these students get the ability to interact and independently communicate with their barber, giving them real world experience and confidence,” Fitzpatrick said. He also thanked Merri Kurman with BCIU Transition Program for “empowering individuals with special needs.”

“Our community thanks each and every one of these individuals,” Fitzpatrick concluded.