Sex offenders of all ages and economic strata know no boundaries, so a bill under discussion in Harrisburg and co-sponsored by State Rep. John Galloway of Falls Township will help establish boundaries, or safe zones, around schools and child care facilities. It should get bipartisan support.

The bill addresses the problem and dangers posed by sex offenders who prey on vulnerable children. What it does is mandate a buffer zone, 2,500 feet from public or private schools pre-school or child care common sense legislation that needs action.

I believe the bill sponsors are on the right track, and as Galloway said, his goal is meant to protect young people in Pennsylvania. In a press release this week, he cited data from the PA State Police that 21,685 convicted, registered sex offenders live in Pennsylvania. And currently, there are no restrictions on where such offenders may reside.

We thank Galloway and the other co-sponsors in advance, knowing our children need to be protected on many levels. Parents, who are the first line of defense in protecting their children, should be happy to know this subject has the attention of the Legislature and most likely will gain bipartisan support. I cannot imagine anyone being opposed to it unless they’re concerned about the “free-movement rights” of convicted sex offenders. Anything’s possible in today’s climate. . .

However, let’s agree this bill seems like a sensible approach to putting up another safe zone for our kids. WBCB 1490 AM news will follow up on the progress of the bill. -PW