The Pennsbury School District is closed today due to a boil water advisory affecting Lower Makefield, Yardley Boro, and sections of Falls Township.

Residents received phone calls Thursday evening warning of unsafe drinking water.

“Pennsylvania American Water is issuing a boil water advisory for all customers due to high levels of turbidity, or cloudiness, in the water caused by issues in the filtering process at our water treatment plant,” a representative for PAWC said in the call.

At 9 a.m. Friday morning, the Yardley Boro Facebook page updated its residents on procedures.

Yardley Boro updates its residents on procedures Friday morning.

The PAWC is advising people and animals to not consume any unboiled water. Even Brita filters and similar products are not effective and should not be used as a substitute.

Water not used for consumption has slightly different requirements. Dishwashers and clothes washers can be used on the Hot setting, and showering should be fine.

Turbidity is not inherently bad for a person’s health, but it interferes with the decontamination process, according to the warning. This means cloudiness can lead to the¬†presence of disease causing organisms.

People who notice cloudiness in their water should boil it for at least one minute, or use bottled water until an all clear is given. Drinking contaminated water can cause nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches according to Pennsylvania American Water.

Luckily for food connoisseurs in Yardley and the surrounding area, some food companies like Cramer’s Bakery are boiling large receptacles of water. This ensures water is perfectly safe to use in food preparation and people can still enjoy their favorite food shops.

Water tankers have been available since last night at the Yardley and Makefield Fire Companies, Big Oak Shopping Center, and Village Market. Residents should bring their own containers to take the water home.

This is the first PAWC treatment plant failing since late October in which chlorine affected the taste and color of some people’s drinking water. The issue was resolved within a week.