Six weeks after an elderly Falls Township man went missing in Easton, authorities can confirm they recovered his body from the Delaware River near Bristol Township. Dental records prove first responders found Raymond Myslinski, 71, floating on the river’s surface.

Raymond Myslinski, 71.

Edgely, Tullytown, and Croydon fire companies pulled Myslinski from the water on Jan. 29. It took forensic evidence ten days to prove they had found him due to decomposition.

Myslinski went missing on Christmas Day last year when a car was found submerged in the Delaware River 20 feet off the Scott Park boat launch in Easton. However, his Toyota SUV was empty and there was no sign of his whereabouts.

Concerned after two days of hearing nothing, Myslinski’s family reported his disappearance to the police. Boats with GPS technology scanned the river’s floor for a week into the new year, but nothing appeared.

The details of Myslinski’s disappearance remain murky as initial reports stated he went to visit a friend. However, family members informed police he had no friends in Easton they knew of. Additionally, new information shows he left for Easton on Dec. 22.

The case and cause of death remain under investigation.