Bipolar Lower Makefield Man Missing

Myles Lightner, 22. Photos via Lower Makefield Township Police.

The Lower Makefield Township Police are searching for a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder who has previously threatened to take his own life.

Myles Lightner just turned 22 years old in late June, but was not at home to celebrate with his mother. Though she left for a business trip with her son at home on Jun. 1, Lighter’s mother returned home a week later to a note.

“I need to go away for a little while. Be back in a bit.”

But her son was gone.

Notably, Lightner did not appear for a court date on Jun. 5 in Florham, NJ.

Police recently pinged his phone for activity. The device was last active on Jun. 12 and showed its location as Central Park Zoo in New York.

Anyone with information should reach out to Detective Meehl ( and Detective Lange ( The Lower Makefield Township Police are also available at 215-493-4011 or 267-274-1163.