BIG WIN: $516 Million Mega Millions Ticket Sold In Levittown

The 7-Eleven on Trenton Road at the intersection with Woodbourne Road. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A local 7-Eleven in Levittown is reaping the benefits after selling a Mega Millions ticket worth more than half a billion dollars.

It’s the largest ever Mega Millions jackpot won in Pennsylvania. Only two other Pennsylvanians have won the Mega Millions since the state joined the game in 2010.

Overall, it’s the ninth biggest jackpot since the game started nationwide in 2002. It’s also the largest winning ticket ever in the Levittown area.

The ticket had all the matching numbers. For white balls, the numbers were 6-9-17-18-48 with a yellow Mega Ball number of 8.

Whoever the lucky winner may be, they have two choices for collecting the winnings. They can either take it in 30 annual installments for the $516 million, or all at once for a lump sum of $349 million.

Meantime, the 7-Eleven on Trenton Road off the intersection with Woodbourne Road is also a winner. The convenience store will get a $100,000 selling bonus.

“The Pennsylvania Lottery congratulates the big winner of this historic jackpot, and 7-Eleven for selling the big Mega Millions winning jackpot ticket,” said Pennsylvania Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko. “Thanks to our network of more than 9,600 retailers and players across Pennsylvania, the Lottery is continuing to fulfill its mission of responsibly generating funds for programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians.”