Big Oak Road Bridge Included In State Renovation Plan

A view from the shoulder of Big Oak Road. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Big Oak Road Bridge has made the cut on a list of bridges the state will rehabilitate within the next year.

Useful for crossing over I-295 in Middletown, PennDOT estimates Big Oak Bridge carries more than 8,000 vehicles per day.

While the state bridge built in 1967 is safe for travel, its deck condition is listed a poor. Its  several layers of patchwork on the original precast concrete show decades of temporary fixes.

“This bridge improvement project is our latest in the ongoing effort to improve bridges throughout the state, and to ensure a safe transportation network for all Pennsylvanians,” Governor Tom Wolf said.

The statewide improvement project will cover eight bridges and ultimately cost almost $4.5 million.

PennDOT will begin work on other bridges throughout Pennsylvania starting Monday, Jul. 29. Big Oak should be finished before the end of next year.