A relatively new holiday, “Giving Tuesday,” is a day dedicated to charitable donations for nonprofits. While many celebrated this week, Consumer Protection Advocate Mike Bannon is cautioning people to stay alert when they donate.

Bannon joined Upwords with Chris Ermer Tuesday afternoon for Giving Tuesday. He says people should always be sure of how their money will be used.

“If you can afford to give to a charitable organization, that is really great. However it’s really important that you check out that org to make sure its doing what you want to be done with your charitable dollars.”

Bannon also warns scammers will take advantage of peoples’ generosity during the holiday season.

“I would be cautious of a cold call that you might receive from any kind of charity,” Bannon said. “But if you do, you really want to check out that charity to make sure it’s legitimate.”

Anyone with questions can call the Bucks County Department of Consumer Protection at 215-348-6060. More information is available here.