The Bensalem Township Police are donning body cameras Wednesday as a step towards building trust and transparency with the community.

An Axon Body 2, featuring unlimited HD video recording.

The model featured for Bensalem’s use is an Axon Body 2. The design captures high-definition video and is easy enough to wear.

Authorities say the force will roll out the body cam program over time. Wednesday will have a few select patrol officers wear them. Then throughout the next few months, each member of the entire patrol division will have their own Axon body cam.

Bensalem’s Director of Public Safety Fred Harran confirmed last summer this would be a costly endeavor for police. As of Wednesday morning, officials have not released a cost estimate.

This new use of on-officer cameras will supplement the cameras already used on Bensalem Police patrol cars. Officers will update the decade-old system in coordination with their new outfit.

Axon is a globally used law enforcement techonology leader. The Axon Body 2 has a 12 hour battery life, wireless connectivity, and a mute button.