Bensalem Police Department Recruiting New Officers

The Bensalem Police Department is looking for new talent.

Bensalem Public Safety Director Fred Harran joined Speak Your Piece Tuesday. He says the job is in high demand.

Over the past six to eight months, about 2,000 people have called and emailed about joining the force.

While he doesn’t anticipate them all to apply, Harran says it shows Bensalem has earned its reputation.

“I truly believe, and I hear from a lot of people, that Bensalem is a premier police department,” said Harran. “If you want to go work somewhere, be supported, be able to get the best training available, and to go out into the community and make a difference, then Bensalem is the place for you.”

Harran adds a good number of people interested in joining Bensalem are Philadelphia police.

He gives credit to local officials, including Mayor Joe DiGirolamo, District Attorney Matt Weintraub, and the County Commissioners, for supporting police.

“Bucks County is the place to come and work, and Bensalem is certainly the best police department around.”

The department has more than 100 officers serving 60,000 residents.

Part of the process is testing potential recruits, who must submit their applications online by March 26. Written tests will be held April 8 and 9 at Parx East.

More information is available at and on the Bensalem Township Police Department Facebook page here.