A Bensalem man, guilty of third-degree murder, will serve 15 to 30 years in state prison for shooting his rival in pursuit for a young women’s heart.

Jeffrey T. Gould, 34, entered a plea of guilty to third-degree murder and possession of an instrument of crime in May. He knew his responsibility in the July 2016 front porch murder of Edward G. Dubinsky.

Jeffrey T. Gould

Gould and Dubinsky were tied together by a Jamison woman, Zannatul Asha Naim. Dubinsky, 33, and Naim were in a “long-term relationship” until three months before his murder.

During that time, the Bensalem resident allowed Naim to move her possessions into his apartment. However, affections were still there between Dubinsky and Naim, and she eventually began moving her belongings out of Gould’s home.

Dubinsky and Gould began taunting each other with insults through emails and phone calls. Eventually, Gould had enough.

Gould arrived at Dubinsky’s home in the Jamison section of Warwick Township before 11:30 p.m. with a gun in his hand. He saw Naim sitting on Dubinsky’s lap, and Gould shot him once in the back of the skull.

Police found the 33-year-old face-up in a puddle of his blood on the porch of his Virginia Lane residence.

Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge Wallace H. Bateman Jr. upheld a sentence, which was agreed on by prosecutors and the defense counsel.

Attorneys originally recommended a 12.5 to 17.5 years sentence for Gould at the minimum end and a maximum of up to 40 years. But on Monday morning, District Attorney Matthew Weintraub and defense attorney S. Philip Steinberg asked Judge Bateman to impose a 15 to 30 years state prison sentence with 15 years of consecutive probation.

Gould’s parents wrote to the Judge, and plead for their son’s eventual, possible freedom. Bateman was satisfied with the resolution. He understood the work the attorneys took to reach a decision in such “a difficult case.”