Bensalem Man Gets 6.5 to 12 Years For Strangling, Intimidating Girlfriend

Jonathan E. Fish, 32, of Bensalem

“… Jonathan Fish is only looking out for Jonathan Fish,” Assistant District Attorney Megan Stricker agreed in court.

The 32-year-old plead guilty in June to strangulation and witness intimidation charges before Bucks County Common Pleas Court Judge Wallace Bateman.

Fish tried explaining he didn’t mean to hurt his girlfriend, and that he was “restraining from punching her.”

Bateman didn’t bat at an eye at his “lying,” and held up pictures of the victim with bruises around her neck.

The victim explained that her five-year relationship with Fish started out fine until drugs became a part of his routine. She said he would go from “hot to cold in seconds.” The night of the incident she was grabbed by the throat, pushed against an oven, and then chocked again on the floor.

The victim’s father spoke up in court, “My daughter was manhandled by a guy. Beat up by a guy. That’s the root of the problem.”

Fish didn’t stop there, after being arrest, while under court order not to contact the woman – he called her from prison and urged her to help him beat the charges. He planned it all out, and said he would go on the stand and explain the situation in a lighter matter.

“And then you just say that you put some marks on you to make it worse. That’s it. You don’t get in trouble. I don’t get in trouble, in that much trouble,” Fish said in the call, according to court documents.

“Yeah, but that’s not fair,” his victim replied.

The judge ordered a domestic violence investigation and found Fish had a violent past with women. He shoved his mother in a table, smashed an ex-girlfriend in the head, had additional disturbances involving women, and last year told the victim he “would kill her if she ran way” from him.

“You’ve minimized your role and your responsibility for this throughout the case,” the judge said. “The amount of courage [the victim has] shown by standing up to you this time is really remarkable.”

Fish is serving two and one-half to five years on the strangulation charge, following by a consecutive five to 10 years for witness intimidation.