Bensalem Man Confesses To Killing Roommate

A Bensalem man has confessed to the murder of his roommate.

Gregory Hylton, 41, fatally shot his fellow renter on Mar. 9. Sharif Simpson, 25, died from a bullet hitting his heart and lung.

Initially, Hylton told authorities his roommate’s death was an accident; they were simply enjoying each other’s company when the gun went off.

But, according to invesitgators, the evidence did not add up to Hylton’s story. There was evidence of a struggle and an injury on the victim’s chest.

Finally, Hylton told a much different story to the authorities. He admitted to an argument surrounding the cleanliness of their apartment. Hylton struck his roommate repeatedly with the firearm, which he claims discharged accidentally.

Judge Diane Gibbons accepted Hylton’s plea deal Friday. Gibbons has deferred Hylton’s sentencing for a pre-sentence investigation. In the mean time, he will stay in Bucks County Correctional Facility.