Bensalem has a new fowl sensation named “Ben the Turkey” and he’s garnering a fan base.

Ben the Turkey
A Ben the Turkey spotting by WBCB Tuesday morning on Bristol Road at Hillside Ave near King David Cemetery. Photo by Rick Rickman.

WBCB went on a hunt to spot “Ben the Turkey” Tuesday morning. A reporter found him strutting up and down Bristol Road near King David Cemetery, but Ben declined an interview.

Ben has made Bristol Road his stomping grounds. He makes regular visits to local businesses and boldly crosses the street even during peak hours.

Bensalem Mayor Joe DiGirolamo has also taken notice.

He instructed the Public Works Department to install new traffic signs. One at the intersection with Galloway Road “CAUTION Ben Turkey Crossing.”

Mayor Joe DiGirolamo next to Ben the Turkey’s new traffic sign. Photo via Bensalem Township.

Mike Dewey, who works at the nearby corner BP gas station, saw Ben checking out the new sign. Dewey told WBCB when he sees Ben, he will sometimes post a video to the Bensalem Turkey Trot page on Facebook.

“It’s something that cheers people up,” said Dewey. “It’s good to see him.”

Dewey’s post to the group quickly got dozens of positive reactions. Over the past month, more than 2,300 fans have followed the page.

But praise for Ben the Turkey is not universal. Another man at the BP, who wished to remain anonymous, said he was tired of Ben.

“He stands in the middle of the street. He’s a nuisance,” said the man with a smile. “He’s dumb, he shouldn’t breed. He needs to be eliminated for the good of the herd.”

Ben has been known to cause a traffic jam now and then. Motorists are committed to allowing him to safely cross when he pleases.

Regardless, Ben has made his mark on the township. Some report spotting him earlier this month near the Neshaminy Mall. Only Ben the Turkey knows where he will venture next.