The Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority (BCWSA) is warning residents to be aware of possible phony employees.

An Upper Southampton customer recently turned away two males who claimed to be from BCWSA. The men advised the woman there was a gas leak up the road. Then, they attempted entry by saying they needed to turn on the kitchen sink for 30 seconds to confirm there was no contamination. A fine was threatened if she did not allow the work to be completed.

The woman asked to see their badges, according to BCWSA, they flashed a wallet quickly at the resident, but she could only see their driver’s license.

The resident told them to leave because she didn’t believe them. They begged her to not to call 911, and the men took off in a white pickup truck.

BCWSA reminds customers that employees will have their IDs, as well as a marked uniform and vehicle.

Anyone with a concern should call the BCWSA office at 215-343-2538.